Are Your New Year’s Health Resolutions on the Struggle Bus?

New Year, New You, and Naturopathy

So we have swung into the new year, meaning new you right? Did you make resolutions to start exercising, eat healthier, or maybe to get better sleep? Those are fantastic health goals that most people need to consider on a daily basis, but are they obtainable and achievable on your own? Well, it has officially been 2 weeks into the new year with those new year’s resolutions. I hope that all of you are able to stay on top of those resolutions and you are still going strong! But for the rest of us on the struggle bus, I can relate. My new year’s resolutions have always been a struggle at times especially when they are too vague, too long term, or more importantly when I am trying to achieve them alone or without support. This is where naturopathic medicine can be that piece of the puzzle that gets you from goal failures to goal successes.

The biggest things I have seen so far from patients, friends, and family are people saying “I am going to start dieting”. Well, what does that REALLY look like? What diet and lifestyle changes are going to be best for you? Is the DASH diet or the Ketogenic diet really the best for you? Not everyone is created the same and we all are individuals, that is why we explore each part of you to find the right healthy balance. This also goes for exercise. Some people flourish on yoga and weights while some of us need high-intensity cardio workouts. Again, not all of us are created equal and we do not all respond the same to these various factors.

Here are some ways to adjust those new year’s health resolutions to help them stick!

  • If you set a goal, be dedicated
  • Make your goals attainable
  • Make short term goals and long-term goals
  • Do not despair when you fail at your goals
  • Get an accountability partner or group
  • Have a naturopathic doctor be part of your healthcare team to get you started on making the right goals, meeting them, and more!

I get a lot of people asking me “So Dr. Meg, I see my primary care doctor. They do exams, they do my labs, they prescribe me my medications; Why would I come to see you?” My question right back is “Well does your doctor talk to you about the important things you are doing to your body on a daily basis? Like do they ask you about what you eat, what you do, how you sleep, or even how you poop?” and the answer is pretty much always “no”. Have they actually tried to figure out what is really best for you specifically? This is where naturopathic medicine comes into your healthcare journey. Naturopathic medicine is the practice of taking each individual and seeing how your body connects on a mental, physical, and emotional realm to you and your surroundings and bringing it all together.

Isn’t our ultimate goal to gain optimal health so we feel happy and have strong relationships with ourselves and others? Let’s get healthy together this year.



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