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Dr. Meg is a Registered Naturopathic Doctor in the state of Colorado but more importantly an educator and an advocate for your health. As a naturopathic doctor, my goal is to find the root cause of your symptoms and treat the cause of the disease. I do this by getting to know you and your health history, perform physical examinations, and order appropriate lab testing and imaging, as well as, studying the disease process that is occurring in each and every patient. As we find the root cause, we begin to treat, heal, and aid the body in its attempt to correct the dysfunction that is causing the symptoms. 

Naturopathic medicine treats a wide range of ailments such as, but not limited to, fatigue, migraine/headache, arthritis, fibromyalgia, eczema, psoriasis, insomnia, PMS, recurrent illness, stress, anxiety, depression and much more. Dr. Meg emphasizes pediatric and family health and wellness as well as illness prevention particularly around childhood allergies, indigestion, eczema, and common childhood illnesses. Ultimately, each person that walks in our door is unique and Dr. Meg authenticates each treatment plan special to you and only you in order to meet your healthcare goals.


We aim to empower you with the tools to successfully live a life full of engagement and health.



Treatment modalities

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  • Diet and nutrition counseling

  • Mental health counseling 

  • Well child exams which include a thorough history, developmental, physical, and mental assessment. This exam also includes diet and lifestyle education recommendations

  • Physical medicine: naturopathic joint manipulation, deep tissue and trigger point massage, gua sha muscle technique 

  • Botanical medicine: customized tinctures and teas made in office 

  • Homeopathy: classical homeopathy, UNDA therapy, and custom flower essence formulations
  • Supplements: from B vitamins to amino acids, Dr. Meg is well versed on the supplements you commonly find at online or at your local Natural Grocers or grocery store. 

  • Tigger Point and B vitamin injections

  • Lab and Imaging: Basic laboratory tests ordered through Yampa Valley Medical Center as well as other functional laboratories testing for thyroid, cardioascular, inflammatory health and others. 


Sumovia combines the two latin roots "sumo" + "via" which translates to "chosen journey". You get to choose your journey in life as well as your journey in health.



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As we find the root cause, we begin to treat, heal, and aid the body in its attempt to correct the dysfunction that is causing the symptoms.




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